Factual details of complaint 

​It has been brought to my attention that Judge Tom Rickhoff has been making disparaging, totally fictional remarks
about myself, Pat Davis and Philip Ross.   I had heard from Gale Sayers, a friend, that Rickhoff was telling people
this lie as early as October 2013. In a letter written on Probate court #2 letterhead, dated December 23, 2013,
Judge Tom Rickoff said the following:“Ione McGinty, his petition securer, and recent grievance filer, had a dream,
when God spoke and told her a ward she knew 30 years prior was being abused.  First, I did get about 50 signatures
for Mr. Ross, although I had never met him, my friends highly recommended him for the position of Judge and
frankly…anyone would be better than Judge Rickhoff.  Second.  I wouldn’t call my self a recent grievance filer.  
My complaint was filed on August 20, 2012 and had nothing to do with Pat Davis or Mr. Ross‘s campaign. Mr.
Ross is not and has never been my attorney.  My complaint was about the inappropriate remarks Judge Rickhoff
made to a group of young children visiting his court.  Third,  I never had a “dream” or “vision” of God telling me
anything -certainly not about a “ward she knew 30 years prior”  Yes, I a Christian women of deep faith.  I am deeply
offended that my faith and my character is being attached in this manner.  Apparently he wants everyone to
believe I am crazy.  He is making up lies to cast doubt on my character or sanity so he can get everyone with any
type of authority to dismiss my concerns without even looking into them.Judge Rickhoff went on to say:“Numerous
lawyers, agencies, legislators and my office thoroughly investigated and found all her allegations unfounded.”What
lawyers?  It is not documented in Pat Davis’s guardianship file.  What agencies?  The documentation I have from Pat
Davis’s file show deep concerns about his care. (See Attached)  What investigations?  Again, not in Pat Davis’s file.
 I have never made unfounded allegations. I have expressed concerns.  On the contrary, my concerns were address
by the Chief Auditor of Medicare fraud in Texas, Ed Gonzalez, who said there was a great possibility of embezzlement
of Pat Davis‘s assets by the Guardian. (see attached) Judge Rickoff went on to say:“ Although she contacted all the
media only your reporter  was assigned.” How could Judge Rickhoff possibly know who I contacted?  Is he tapping
my phone?  Reading my e-mails?   I understand it is his habit to call anyone that dares to disagree with him
“dangerous” and ask for “official protection”  I am the one who is concerned Judge Rickhoff is “dangerous” as this
letter to the Express and News newspaper shows, he has no limits to his ego and will use any lie, any lie to bolster
his self image.   Who know’s what else he is capable of in his present mental state.Then Judge Rickoff wrote:“He who
wrote a front page “expose” which concluded that the allegations were made but untrue.”First,  This is a confusing
set of words.  Second, if you read the article it does not conclude any allegations are untrue.  The article doesn’t
even address the concerns I expressed.  It certainly does not have any conclusion. “ I objected to the Express-News
taking the ward’s picture for the Sunday front page because the father so grieved he never went to see his son,
he does call him.  He may have first seen his son in decades on the front page.”The statement “because the father
so grieved he never went to see his son is false.  When I contacted Pat Davis’s father in April of 2010 he didn’t not
even know where Pat was living, that Pat Davis was even under guardianship and had certainly never called. In fact
the staff at Mission Rd, in June of 2010  told the police, with Pat Davis present, that his father was dead.   The
guardianship file shows that none of Pat Davis’s relatives were contacted regarding the hearing putting Pat under guardianship. The second biggest falsehood is what Judge Rickhoff said next:“Both McGinty and Ross (recently) have
been stopped after entering the facility’s unlocked back door where this same ward now resides.”There is no back
door.  It is a cottage setting.  The only time Mr. Ross and I went to Mission Rd together, we walked directly to the
front door of the business office, sat in said office and waited for someone in management to appear.  Mr. Ross
explained he was there to get Pat Davis registered to vote.  Mr. Ross left a voters registration card and a mail in
Ballet and we left. We never saw Pat Davis or did we try to “sneak” in anywhere.Then Judge Rickoff goes on to say:“
They have no business inspecting Mission Rd.  We were not there to “inspect” Mission Rd.  We are not qualified to
do that and never said that is what we were there for.   .  “The ward is totally incapacitated, cannot consent to his
picture’s publication or to employing Ross.“In the guardianship papers the Doctors report classifies Pat’s Condition
as “Partially Incapacitated”  It is a fiction perpetrated by the guardian and the court that Pat Davis is “totally
incapacitated”.  We were not there to take Pat Davis’s picture or get him to employ Mr. Ross.  We were there to
allow him the one right left to him as a ward of the court.  The right to vote“They may cause him to be withdrawn
from this excellent placement. “  The court and the guardian have him placed in a state licensed ICF-MR facility
designed for mentally retarded people.  He is housed in a cottage with 4 mentally retarded females and any honest
social worker would tell you that this is not a proper placement for him.  On his guardian and the courts orders Pat
Davis can not receive or make a phone call.  He can not have friends visit him. (Except by a very small list.)  He has
asked to go to church but has been denied.  In fact his placement is worst than a criminal who is on death row.
Judge Tom Rickhoff has, on court letterhead and most likely on court time , lied to the San Antonio Express New
editorial board and the State Bar for personal gain.  He has defamed me, Pat Davis, and Mr. Ross as well as other
people.  Please stop the judge.  Please understand that he needs a mental evaluation.  Please don’t wait until August.
​ Who knows how many other lives he will ruin before then.  Thank you,Ione McGinty