FACTUAL DETAILS OF MY COMPLAINT -That I sent to the State Commission for Judicial Conduct.   I am a private citizen, a court blogger and a victim of injustice.  Judge Tom Rickhoff has flat out lied, massively misrepresented the facts, defamed me in a most grieves manner and maligned and mangled my reputation and character.  

He did so in a letter to the editorial board of the Express and News that is on the letterhead of the Bexar County Probate Court dated December 23, 2013 and as a candidate for public office on January 22,2014.
On the first page of the letter Judge Rickhoff said the following: "My current opponent Phillip Ross's Treasurer put up a site entitled "judgerickoffsucks.com".  Ross's other clients
in this court meet there, then file motions to recuse and Judicial Conduct complaints.
I am the sole owner of that website. I was Philip M. Ross's treasurer for a total of 10 days.  From December 4, 2013 to December 14, 2013.at which point I decided I would rather put my website back up and resigned as Mr. Ross's treasurer. I was a volunteer but never held any other titled position on his campaign. 
It is ludicrous to say that the web site was created by or for Mr. Ross. The website has been active since April 18, 2010.  I did not even meet Mr. Ross until the fall of 2012.  The website has never mentioned Mr. Ross except in a Reprint
of a San Antonio Express and News article.  

 Mr. Ross's website does have a testimonial written by me but my website is not mentioned.  Yes, my site is a nexus for people who have problems with the way Judge Rickhoff abuses judicial authority, refuses to allow evidence and refuses to follow the law.  
Yes, I encourage abused people to report him.
 No, I do not refer them to Mr. Ross for legal services.  9 out of 10 of the hundreds of people I have talked
to for the last 5 years already have their own attorney.  (Said lawyers never being one of Rickhoff's goodfella's.)  
It is a massive misrepresentation say that my site belongs to Mr. Ross or that it was put up for the sole purpose
of promoting Mr. Ross's campaign.   Your office already knows the site was active in 2010 as I filed a complaint
on my father's (Jack Hood) behalf at that time.   Please note, that until Judge Rickhoff is evaluated for mental
problems the site will remain active.   I am quite confident that a mental evaluation will show he doesn't have the mental capacity to remain on the bench. On page two of this same letter Rickhoff writes the following " Ross and his treasurer convinced San Antonio Express-News commentator that I was forcing her father into an unnecessary guardianship."   That is news to me.  The case was entitled the guardianship of Billie Ray Hood.   The article in question questioned Judge Rickhoff's refusal to follow the law regarding spousal rights and his bias toward the opponent's Attorney.  (See Attached)  The fact that Rickhoff remembers the case as "forcing her father into unnecessary guardianship" indicates to me, when you read all the transcripts and his rulings...
that is exactly what he was trying to do, despite two doctors reports and one Attorney ad litum report verifying my father was competent.  
Rickhoff goes on to say "Based on the article I recused".  Rickhoff fails to mention that APS had come back validating financial abuse by the then guardian (Debbie Catalani)  Rickhoff fails to mention that he was overturned by the 4th court of appeals for abuse of Judicial discretion, not allowing evidence and not following the law.   Judge Rickhoff after 13 years as a probate judge said out loud from his seat on the bench,  "What is a 883 hearing?  Why do we have to do one?  I have never done one before."  Those statements show either a mental defect or the grosses incompetence.  Either way it is appalling that the people of Bexar County have to put up with it. Rickhoff then goes on to say "Shortly after my recusal my colleague also concluded he needed a guardian. That statement is also an outright lie.  The next action taken in the case was on September 21, 2012.   The judge ordered Debbie Catalani removed as guardian of the estate for embezzlement and to save face Debbie Catalani then resigned.  Judge Polly Jackson-Spencer did in one day what Rickhoff failed to do in 5 years.  Listen and look at the documented evidence.
After a health crisis I did eventually file for guardianship of my Father.  This just happened in November of 2013.    A.  His colleague did not think he needed a guardian until I filed.  B. I don't think just a year and a half qualifies as "shortly" Rickhoff then goes on to say, " She appointed a lawyer to the guardian because the treasurer/client/daughter of the ward was disqualified for misappropriating the community funds."  OH MY GOD!!  How dare he tell such a lie!! What happened was that one of my step-sisters (the embezzler) contested my guardianship with a bunch of lies.  (No evidence just a pleading.)  The real reason for the motion was revenge.  We did get that motion thrown out for adverse standing.  Then the other step-sister (the one that took over as guardian of the estate) filed contesting with the same bunch of lies.   However, by this time the embezzler was out of the house and could not longer hurt my father physically.  That was what both my father and I had wanted for the last 5 years. (See attached APS letter validating physical abuse.)  I was also running out of money.  So to end it all I agreed to have someone else named guardian of the estate and I would be guardian of the person. I was NEVER disqualified for misappropriating community funds.   In fact, there was never even a hearing questioning me about my qualifications to be guardian of the estate.  Since that time my Step Mother has passed away and as soon as her will is probated I will be going back to court and asking to be named both guardian of the person and the estate. As my father's letter of future incapacity states.    Rickhoff then states, " The wards wife, also a ward, had to be removed from her own home in part due to cruelty, including the treasurer placing the medical records of her stepmother's dementia on the web site.   I hardly know where to start with this statement.  A.  My father was not a ward of the court at the time his wife was moved to a skilled nursing facility.  B. Billie Hood, my father's wife of 37 years was moved out without his knowledge or approval.  He woke up one morning to find her gone and the embezzling step-sister having the moving people taking stuff out of his house.  C. Billie Hood had Alzheimer's diagnosed in 2007 and a heart condition.  She could no longer walk and was in constant pain due to arthritis.  The decision to move her was for medical necessity only.  Believe me, Debbie Catalani DID NOT want to give up her free room and board.  However, it was no longer for possible for her to adequately care for Billie Hood.  D. In the spring of 2012 Judge Rickhoff asked me to take Billie’s letter of incapacity (never medical records) off my website and I did so.  Billie Hood was moved to skilled nursing in the summer of 2013. E.  I and my father were never cruel to Billie.  On the contrary, we went out of our way to always show her kindness and consideration.  You better believe that if even one time we had been anything but wonderful to Billie Hood the embezzling step-sister would have reported it to APS in retaliation. That never happened because no cruelty ever happened. I am appalled that a sitting judge would defame me in so many harmful, hurtful heinous ways.   What sane lawyer…much less a judge, writes down and sends a letter to the editors of the Express and News on court letterhead saying all the lies he said about so many private citizens? It is unbelievable.   What person with two working brain cells then sends a copy of what he wrote to the State Bar in a complaint?  How many people have now seen those lies?    I can only assume that Rickhoff, in a fit of stupidity...believing that he makes the laws but doesn't have to follow them...included the information he shared with the Express and News with the State Bar complaint Thinking he is untouchable.  Really…all you judges who sit on the panel overseeing his actions….would you want someone who does that be the judge in case you are involved in?  Either he had a massive stupidity attack…. or as I have been saying for years...he needs a guardian.  Either way he needs to be taken off the bench.  J. Kristi Hood