~~I have transcripts and documentation (from over 10 cases) where I could argue that the Judge violated

judicial cannons.

I will be scanning in transcript pages and witness statement to show that from 2010 to present Rickoff has

been a train ~~Wreck

However I am first going to tell you what to look for in those transcripts:

The judge met privately in chambers with a party’s attorney and, based upon that meeting, announced

a decision in the case. 

The judge acted without patience, dignity, or courtesy when the judge verbally attacked and humiliated a


The judge failed to maintain control over a case and the litigants and exhibited bias and prejudice against

a litigant.

 The judge made inappropriate comments to an attorney and conducted cell phone conversations during a


The judge made demeaning and discourteous comments to certain litigants appearing before his court in a

manner that did not reflect the appropriate demeanor expected of a judicial officer. 

The judge failed to follow the law and maintain professional competence in the law by (1) failing to provide a

party with notice of a hearing, and (2) issuing orders in a case over which he had lost plenary power.

The judge failed to maintain patience, courtesy, and dignity toward individuals with whom he deals in an

official capacity.

The judge left the court house in the middle of a hearing leaving attorneys and Litigants waiting in the court room for him.