Judge Tom Rickhoff needs to retire.

He also needs to be placed under guardianship himself.  

Did you know that anyone at anytime can file a motion of guardianship on anyone
​....even a Probate judge?
I offer the following case histories to prove my points:

On February 15, 2012 San Antonio Probate Court Judge Tom Rickhoff was overruled in a decision by the Texas 4th Court of Appeals in a case
involving the guardianship of Billy Rae Hood, and incompetent person.  If anyone wants to look it up online the case number is 04-11-00103. Judge Rickhoff had “partitioned” the assets of the Hoods so that most of the husbands (Jack Hood) life savings and monthly military
pension were to be handed over to his stepdaughter in spite of the fact that Jack Hood was deemed FULLY MENTALLY COMPETENT
by 2 court appointed examiners and evidence of the stepdaughters embezzlement had been presented to the court investigator
Sue Bean before the guardianship hearing began. AND the law is “husband first” In a series of meeting behind closed doors Judge Rickhoff apparently decided this case based on his “feelings” and the slurs provided
by the stepdaughter’s attorney.  (Said attorney was one of Rickhoff’s goodfellows)   Judge Rickhoff neither allowed evidence or followed the law. 

This is a patterned of behavior in Rickhoff’s court.  

He has been known to brag that he has the most efficient court in Texas.  I am quite sure this is true.  It’s easy to be the
fasted court in Texas if you never hold hearing unless forced or allow evidence to be presented because that takes up too
much of the courts time. In the Hood case Judge Rickhoff purposely subverted the law he knew to be applicable to provide a trial outcome decided ahead of time.  When Jack Hood didn’t just slink away and live with the unlawful decision, Judge Rickhoff –in transcript records- said the following things

.  “Everyone over 85 has dementia”
 “Why can’t he move out and get a man cave and come visit his wife?’
(The house this WWII Vet had lived in with his wife of 37 years.)

After the 4th court of appeals reversal the Express and News had this to say:

Probate judge is shunting aside Texas law

By Brian Chasnoff Jack Hood is 88 years old, but I wouldn't place anybets against him in an arm wrestling match. The World War II Veteran says he still submits to workouts that include 200 curls of 25-pound dumbbells. “Don't (mess) with me,” Hood
​ warned Tuesday. I can't print the expletive he actually said. But I also can't print an image of the grin that followed, proving the old man remains not only
tough, but also funny and sharp. It matters, though, because Hood's stepdaughter and her attorneys are arguing in court that he is not qualified to manage the assets
he shares with his wife of 35 years, Billie Ray Hood, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Debra Catalani, who is Billie Ray's daughter, is instead arguing that she should control the couple's assets, a claim that shunts aside state law. The law — Section 883 of the Texas Probate Code — states that when one spouse is incapacitated, the other spouse “acquires
full power to manage, control, and dispose of the entire community estate as community administrator.”
Nonetheless, the same probate judge who has considered the dispute for more than two years, Judge Tom Rickhoff, signed
an order channeling much of Jack and Billie Ray's assets to Catalani. Last month, the Fourth Court of Appeals reversed Rickhoff's
partition order and remanded it back to his court for more hearings. “Incredibly, Section 883 was not raised in the trial court by the parties or by the trial judge,” the chief justice wrote. It's been a
frustrating two years for Jack Hood. I can understand why. Jack and Billie Ray met and married in San Antonio. His Air Force career took the couple around the world; they settled here when
he retired. Jack kept working part-time, paying off the mortgage on their North Side home. He says his wife grew ill in 2007, and Catalani moved into their home
soon after to help care for her mother. A doctor's letter written in 2009 states the disease “has been progressive over the last several years.” Despite her condition, Billie Ray signed a document that year designating Catalani as her guardian.
Jack filed a motion to become his wife's guardian instead, asserting his stepdaughter was squandering their money. Rickhoff ordered
a psychiatric evaluation, which Jack passed.
“His judgment is good, and his insight is good,” the doctor wrote.
Rickhoff appointed Catalani as guardian of Billie Ray anyway.
A few months later, Jack told the judge his age. “Oh, you are 86?” Rickhoff said. “Well, the federal government, I'll tell you folks,
this doesn't mean it applies to him, but the statistic is that that everybody in America who is 85 has some dementia.” Months later,
Catalani's attorneys filed a motion channeling much of the married couple's assets to her. With no evidence introduced during the
hearing, Rickhoff signed the order, praising it as “the most thorough I've ever had here.”
The court battle dragged on. Last year, at the suggestion of Catalani's attorney, Rickhoff again sought a ruling on Jack's competency.
“See, I always thought that,” Rickhoff said then. “I used to say to y'all that it might be a part of his condition that he is having all these
recalcitrant problems.”
Jack was later found competent, of course.
The onlyrecalcitrance here is Rickhoff's baffling failure to apply Section 883 to the case. “I've never done an 883 before, and I've never
needed to do an 883 before,” Rickhoff said at Wednesday's hearing for a motion filed by Jack's attorney to recoup thousands of dollars from Catalani.
Instead, Rickhoff allowed a continuance to gather more evidence of the long-married couple's community assets. “Why do we need to do (an 883) in this case?” Rickhoff asked Catalani's attorney, who answered they needed to clarify the couple's
assets so they could be channeled to Catalani. “Something's counter-intuitive here,” Rickhoff said, gripping his head.
That would be your partition order, judge. Read more: 

The day after the article appeared in the paper the Judge Recused himself.

You can view my testimony to congress about the case at:

That is but one of the Stories I am going to tell you about in this blog.

I have been keeping score Since February 15, 2012.  A summary of what I am about to expose the public is as follows:   2 more reversals by the 4th court of appeals for not allowing evidence and not following the law.  Duckys truck: see You Tube videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNnkFmypY5k  See media coverage about 4th court of appeals reversal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12kWYi2SqCg  

The Hubbard Trust Case

A 67 year old women went to court regarding her mothers trust and a problem with the bank managing it and JUDGE RICKHOFF
said "I'm tired of seeing you I my court I'm going to send you to a psychiatrist to see if you need a guardian. 3 sych report all saying
she was competent Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Lawyer fees.  She was forced to move to another county to get out of Rickhoff's court.  

  Pat Davis...he should be in his own house with a private care giver....he has the money.  In stead he is locked down in a nursing home were he can't receive or make phone calls, his friends are not allowed to visit him and his guardian is making a living off him. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lawless%20america%20ione&sm=1  

8 complaints to the State Commission for Judicial Conduct.

  3 complaints from Homeschool mothers that took their kids to court and were appalled the inappropriate topics Rickhoff chose to talk about.

1 complaint from Jack Hood

1complaint from a woman that complained that the judge didn’t even have jurisdiction regarding a busted trust. (After messing with her
life for a year he recused himself on that one as well….on a motion written by the women…not a lawyer)  

1 complaint from a woman who was left standing in court waiting for Rickhoff.  He said he would be right back and he left the building!!  (He also spent the time at the hearing talking about his tennis game instead of the case)  

1 complaint from a woman that Rickhoff had put in a mental institution for 5 days because she dared to fight guardianship.
(She was deemed mentally competent.)  
1 40 page complaint from a forensic psychiatrist. That is dead on right.  

There is a clear and convincing pattern of injustice in the probate
​court run by Judge Tom Rickhoff  

 Judge Rickhoff needs to retire.  What is the hidden reason he wants to stay anyway?

He is maxed out on State and County Retirement benefits, he is over 65 so he can get social security.  He would make a lot more money retiring and becoming a visiting Judge...and we all know Rickhoff is all about the money, all of the time.

So...what is the hidden financial reason he is running again?  If anyone knows email me at JKH490@hotmail.com

Or I and the other victims of injustice in Richoff’s court could get together and write a brief asking for Rickhoff to be placed under guardianship.  That sounds like a good idea to me…