Who does something so Stupendously stupid? 

Judge Tom Rickhoff...that's who!!

As you know Philip Ross ran against Judge Tom Rickhoff in the Republican Primary in 2014.  Judge Rickhoff won. 
 Yet he still felt compelled by his oversized ego to complain to the Texas State Ethics commission about Mr. Ross
and surprise...me and 5 other private citizens. The following is a copy of what he sent the Ethics commission and
what I in turn sent the the State Commission of Judicial Conduct. FYI...how stupid do you have to be to:

A. Defame 5 private citizens on Probate Court letterhead.

B. Sent it not only to the Express and News but to Unnecessarily include it in your complaint to the Ethics

C. Get turned down by the Ethics Commission twice became you can't write a factual, evidence based
​complaint? Instead Rickhoff wrote a whinner baby report where he admits that everything he complained
​ about was legal....but he is a judge and just don't like it...I seriously believe he need a mental evaluation. .